Thursday, November 5, 2015

Title: Corrigan Magic
Series: Corrigan#2
Author: Helen Harper


Read the events of Bloodmagic as told from the viewpoint of Corrigan, the predatory Lord Alpha. 

With Mack long gone, and efforts to find her proving fruitless, Corrigan is forced to turn his attentions to other matters. The vampires are getting in the way and the Brethren are resisting his attempts to bring them into the twenty-first century. Even more ominously, shifters are starting to get sick from a mysterious disease. This might be one foe that Corrigan is powerless against...

This is the second book in the Corrigan series.


Corrigan Magic begins with Corrigan still trying to find Mack. He knows she must be somewhere, but he has no idea where. And now it isn't just a matter of trying to find her because she has gone rogue. He knows it is something else, and he most follow his gut before things get bad. 

This was basically the same book as the Blood Destiny series, but in Corrigan's point of view. We get to see more things on his end, and how he really felt about Mack. I have to say, reading these before reading Blood Destiny, I would probably hate Mack. She seems to mean to Corrigan, and Corrigan just wants her attention in a good way. I felt bad for him in this book, but I am excited about reading more in this series. 
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