Friday, November 13, 2015

Title: Breaking Him
Series: Love is War #1
Author: R.K. Lilley


It was the kind of relationship where I invested more than I had to spare.

I gave it everything.

And so when it failed, I lost myself.

It changed me. He changed me.

I went down with the ship.

My soul, burnt embers in the aftermath.

The fire of him ravaged it all.

He burned me.

Broke me.

Scarlett had always dreamed big. She was headed straight for Hollywood. Destined for silver screen greatness.

But in her wildest dreams she never imagined she’d be broke and single at twenty-eight, doling drinks at thirty-five thousand feet.

She was a glorified waitress in the skies.

It had been years since she’d seen him.

But one day, there he sat, gazing intently at her, ready to set everything ablaze once more.

Dante wanted her. Again.

Sure, she’d play along…but this time, it was his turn.

She was breaking him.

After all, love is war.


Breaking Him begins when Scarlett has some more run ins with her ex. She knows he's keeping secrets, but she also knows that she still loves him. However, when some thing happens to someone they both care about, things get even more complicated than they ever were before. Now, she must go back home to relive those moments all over again. 

I went into this book thinking it might be a little bit like Up in the Air series, or even The Wild Side. I loved both of those series, but this one was way different. Although, it had a few things in common with the other two series, it was almost the complete opposite. 

This book over all just wasn't for me. I had a really hard time connecting and liking the characters. I hated the way they treated each other, and I really hated all of the mind games that were played. It got old fast. 

I didn't like this one. There were so many things I just couldn't deal with, and it made it where I didn't enjoy the book. I won't be reading anymore in this series. 
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