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Bleed The Ink is a post Shooting Stars Reviews will start doing weekly! 
What's Bleed The Ink? 

That is a good question!  Bleed The Ink will be a weekly post featured on Shooting Stars Reviews. This is where we get done to the nitty gritty of blogging, reading and writing! 
You have something that you want to share feel free to comment! You have a topic you want to discuss go right ahead this is the place to do it. 

And NO, it is not all negative stuff, some will be positive, some will be negative, and some will be just down right crazy fun!! 
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So, let's get started. 


Step Brother Trope! 

(Dun Dun Dun)

This is something that has become really fecking popular. Like crazy popular. It seemed like a year ago you could maybe find one or more of these types of books. Now, every where you turn you find one. 

I've read a few that I thought weren't that bad, but then others are kind of strange. 

Let's get more into that now, shall we? 

The Good:
I've read two of these types of books that I really adored.. Technically 
Fallen Crest High by Tijan is sort of like that. The parents just aren't married yet. Even though I think they do end up getting married eventually, but anyways. There isn't a whole lot of "step-brother-step-sister-lets-get-together-but-its-forbidden" in this one. It's more along the lines of she's-mine-he's-mine type of thing. They really know what they want, and they aren't going to let ANYONE get in the way. 

That's why I really love this series, and this couple is one of my favorites. 

Another one I really like is called The Unofficial Zack Warren Fan Club by J.C. Isabella. 

These are two books that I actually really like when it comes to the step-brother aspect.
It's not something that seems kind of gross, and it's something that is done in taste and really enjoyable.

The Bleed:

A lot of these books that are come out are erotica. Nothing against that, but when the whole relationship is basically sex with your step-brother, it kind of makes the book dumb in my opinion. It's also rather annoying when you add in the step-brother being super rich, and the heroine now has to deal with him or live with him, although they are adults. That's kind of frustrating to me. I hate that they make these older adults have to live together because their parents are getting married.

Along with that, there is also the ick factor of this. I mean a lot of people think that even though there is a (step) in front of BROTHER, that still makes that person your BROTHER... And again, ICK!

So, to me I'm not a huge fan. I think this can be done in a good way sometimes, but I think for the most part this is way over done, and totally done in distaste. 

Express Your View:

What is you opinion on STEP BROTHER trope?

What books do you like that have this trope in it?

Comment below and let me know what you think! 
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