Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Title: Hidden
Series: Hidden Trilogy #1
Author: Karey White

What happens when fantasy becomes reality? 

Kendra was a normal girl trying to finish out her senior year of high school. Little did she know what Fate had in store for her. Cade McCoy was a natural born protector, or so his friends told Kendra. Personally, she just thought he was an overbearing caveman with good looks, and an unexplainable need to watch over her. After one shocking afternoon when fantasy became reality, she soon found herself immersed in wolf shifter pack life, while trying to keep their secret from her own kind, humans. 

A chance encounter with another pack forces the McCoy Pack to appear before the High Council to atone for their actions. The real kicker? Apparently she’s not as human as she thought. 

Join Kendra as she begins her journey to discover her past, learn about her present, and transform the future…for all shifters. 

Hidden Trilogy 
SURFACED (Coming Soon) 


Hidden begins when Kendra and her foster parents move to a new town. She doesn't want to make friends because she's only going to be there a short time, but she's brought into a group that she never expected she would be around. Especially one guy who won't stay away from her and she can't seem to stop thinking about him either. Cade and Kendra are different, and really think they have no future, but when secrets come out they may be more to everything than they first thought. 

This book was okay. I enjoyed the relationship between Cade and Kendra the most. I was a little bit annoyed with things started happening in the end though. And I liked the side characters as well, and the main story line for the most part. I just got a little bored with it at times. 

So, I don't see myself reading anymore in this series, but this one was okay to pass the time with. 
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