Friday, September 18, 2015

Title: The End Game
Author: Kate McCarthy


“Professional athletes are pillars of their respective communities. They are heroes in the eyes of boys and girls and are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that positively represents their community.”

The public loves a good scandal. Seeing someone fall from the pinnacle of success makes a great headline. No one knows that better than I do. What started out as a promising career in college football, spiraled into scandal and shame. 

But being a hero is easier said then done. Especially when there are those who expected to see the great Brody Madden fail. I craved nothing except being the best—willing to do anything to prove them wrong. But I went too far, and I tried too hard, and it broke me.

“At the time of going to print, Jordan Elliott was unavailable for comment.” 

I met Brody Madden in my senior year of college. An Australian native on an international scholarship, I was the female soccer sensation with stars in her eyes and no room for a hotshot wide receiver with a chip on his shoulder.

But a heart bursting with ambition and a driving fire to succeed isn’t made of stone. I became his strength, his obsession, and the greatest love of his life. Only I wasn’t there when he needed me most.

This is a story about love and a game that takes everything. Where the path to glory is paved with sacrifice. Where pressure makes you, or breaks you, and triumph is born in the ashes of failure. Where two people’s end game will change everything.


The End Game begins when Australian soccer star gets the chance to spend her senior year of college in the states. She never expected to meet the famous football star at school, and when he can't seem to stay away from her things start to get even more complicated. But Brody has some secrets, and he may not be exactly as put together as he seems. Things start to get crazy for both of them as others in their life try to push and pull them in different directions.  They both have to hold on before everything disappears. 

The End Game started off really good. It had a really good start to it, with both the hero and the heroine being amazing athletes. Then it started to change a little bit. It wasn't your typical new adult sports romance type of story, it changed along the way, and became something more. Something a little deeper, and slightly darker. 

There was a lot of emotion in this story. Not all of it good, not all of it bad, some happy and sad, and some a little bit on the funny side. This book was extremely intense as well. It was something that I wasn't expected, but it turned out really good. 

I enjoyed both of the main characters, and the side characters as well. And I also really liked the story line, even though it was a lot different than what I was expecting. 

So, overall it was a really good book! 
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