Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Title: Beg For Mercy
Series: Mercy Hollings#1
Author: Toni Andrews


I've never been certain I'm human Oh, the X-rays and blood tests are normal, and most people have no reason to suspect I'm more than I appear to be. But if I tell you to do something? You do it--no ifs, ands or buts. My name is Mercy Hollings, and if you think that having the power to control people makes my life easy, you're dead wrong.

Because when I get angry, everyone around me is at risk--Sukey, my friend who has frightening taste in men; my clients, who, ironically, come to me for help; my neighbors, who regard me as a loner; and Sam, a man who wants to know my darkest secret. And I'm afraid my anger is taking over.


Beg for Mercy begins when Mercy ends up using her gift on someone because she got angry. Now, she must face the consequences when someone dangerous comes to find her and get back what was taken from them. She never imagined she and the few friends she has would end up in danger, but that's exactly what happens. Mercy must now do everything in her power to keep those she cares about safe no matter what. 

This book was okay. It wasn't really great, and I got a little bored with it at times, but it was still okay for the most part. 

What I liked:

1) I liked Mercy. She was a pretty cool character with spunk and very gutsy. 

2) I liked the over all idea of the story. Like the powers that Mercy has and how she wielded them. 

What I didn't like:

1) I just hated how it felt kind of repetitive. The same thing over and over again. 

2) I was annoyed with the way Mercy and Sam handled their relationship. And how you really couldn't "feel" their feelings for each other. 

These were really the only things that bothered me, but I really don't see myself reading more in this series. 
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