Thursday, September 3, 2015

Title: Shy Kinda Love
Series: What Kinda Love #1
Author: Deanna Eshler

When I was eleven, my best friend died in a car accident. When I was twelve, my mom walked out, leaving only a note to say goodbye. When I was eighteen, I was forced into witness protection. 

My new name is Shyanne Adams. To protect myself, and painless existence, I do not live. I do not laugh. I do not love. For the last three years, the only meaningful thing I’ve done is care for the horse I rescued. 

But now, at the age of twenty-one, the one person from both my past and present is pushing me to start living. Before I know it, I’m moving in with new friends who make me laugh. And next door is Kade Cross, the guy who wants me to love. 

Kade knows that I will complicate his life, but he welcomes the challenge. He sees that I’m broken, but he doesn’t try to fix me. When he knows I’m trying to push him away, he braces for the impact. 

What Kade doesn’t know is that I could have to relocate at any time. So I have to decide: is experiencing love for a short time worth the pain of losing it? 
This New Adult Romance is an emotional journey through pain and healing as Shyanne decides to start living again, but never forgetting she could lose this life… just like her last one. 


Shy Kinda Love begins when Shyanne starts to actually live her life again. The problem is she doesn't want to get attached to anyone, but when Ryder pushes her out of the nest so to speak, Shyanne meets Kade. And when she ends up living next door to him life gets even more complicated! 

I really really loved this book! Shyanne was awesome. She lived through a really hard time and now when she tries getting more in her life things get hard again. But Shyanne is stronger than she thinks, and having good friends just goes to show how really strong she is. And Kade was just as awesome. He saw what he wanted, and went for it even though it was a lot more complicated than he imagined. 

I also loved the whole plot line from start to finish! And it was extremely awesome to see all of the side characters as well, I can not wait to read Ryder's story! He's my favorite so far!! 
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