Sunday, September 20, 2015

Title: The Moonshadow's Daughter
Series: Wolfe Creek #3
Author: Kaylie Newell

A paranormal category romance from Entangled's Covet imprint...

Some secrets can kill. Others bite...

To the citizens of Wolfe Creek, Aimee Styles is dead. What they don't know is she's alive...and a werewolf. After she was bitten two years ago, Aimee isolated herself away from the town, determined to keep them safe. But all it takes is an icy winter evening--and an incredibly virulent flu--to interrupt her self-imposed exile.

Nothing prepared doctor and single dad Jake Blackstock for the sight of Wolfe Creek's missing girl, or her delicate beauty. He's instantly and fiercely attracted to her, despite her secrets and the shadows in her near-black eyes. Jake's falling hard. He knows nothing about Aimee...or what she really is.

But something else lurks in Wolfe Creek's shadows. Something malevolent. Something that won't hesitate to rip apart their life and new love…


ARC from Entangled Publishing! 

The people in Wolfe Creek think Aimee Styles is dead... But she's actually a werewolf who can't seem to go back to the real world yet. She's afraid of what people will think of her, and she just wants to continue living like she has for the past two years. But when she gets really sick and needs a doctor. The only doctor around who can help is handsome widow Jake Blackstock. 

Jake doesn't understand why Aimee won't go back to the real world, and he knows she's hiding things. But we all have secrets, he just never imagined what hers would be. 

These two must learn to trust each other, and stay together or what's lurking in the woods may be more dangerous than anything they've ever encountered before. 

The Moonshadow's Daughter was different from what I was expecting. It was a pretty interesting story, but it kind of fell flat in some areas. 
Some of it maybe because I haven't read the previous books, but I was really frustrated with the fact that Aimee's wolf part was explained much. The change wasn't even explained, and that upset me a lot. It felt almost like a werewolf book without the actually werewolf.

Then I really hated the fact that it seemed like you didn't get much out of Aimee and Jake's relationship. It was a little bit frustrating how much Jake actually brought up Lizzie, and thought about her. I felt like because the book she was mostly thought or talked about, it diminished the relationship between Aimee and Jake. 

Overall I did like the book, but because of the previous two mentioned things I just didn't connect with it well. I liked the plot line, and I really liked Aimee a whole lot. But the rest was just frustrating. 
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