Sunday, September 13, 2015

Title: The Engagement Game
Series: 49th Floor #3
Author: Jenny Holiday


The black sheep of the old-money Rosemanns, advertising executive Marcus has made his own way in the world—and done extremely well for himself—but his family is still pressuring him to join their investment firm and settle down with a quiet, unobjectionable girl.

Which is why the sexy Rose Verma is the perfect date for his family’s charity ball. A bleeding-heart lefty from the wrong side of the tracks, Rose has never met a stray dog she didn’t love or a polka-dotted mini-dress she couldn’t rock. Marcus has enough dirt on Rose to “convince” her to play along. And if he lets it slip that they’re engaged, all the better.

But all’s fair in love and blackmail, and Rose is ready to play a few cards of her own…


ARC from Entangled Publishing! 

When Rose Verma accidentally sends her personally letter to a friend to the wrong person things get complicated. After Marcus takes a look at Rose he knows that she's the perfect person to play his date, or more for a family ball. The only problem is the only way to get her to do it is blackmail. Now, these two are forced together, and neither one is prepared for the feelings they invoke in each other... 

This book was really good! I loved the whole plot line from start to finish. And I really enjoyed Rose and Marcus, especially together. They make a great team, and had a very funny and sweet romance. Rose was a very funny outspoken heroine, and Marcus was just awesome. I really loved the whole book, and I look forward to more from this author. 
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