Sunday, September 13, 2015

Title: Athica Lane
Series: Carpino #3
Author: Brynne Asher

Cam Montgomery is a single full time dad who knows his priorities: his kids, his job, his team, his side business. Dealing with his disaster of an ex-wife is bad enough, not to mention delinquent football players and a meddlesome mother. Cam doesn’t have the luxury of time for anything more, especially a relationship. Even if it is sassy-wiseass Paige Carpino, who can still be sweet, but at every turn knocks him on his ass with the unexpected.

That’s figuratively speaking of course. Paige might come in a small package, but she makes up for it in spirit. An energetic spit-fire who has some heat to her sauce, she’s dedicated to her new business ventures, her family and a select group of friends. She’s never put herself out there, but then again, there’s never been anyone worthy of putting herself out there for.

Until one day in a burger joint, an asshole practically enters her into a wet t-shirt contest with his drink. Who knew a wet t-shirt could be the beginning of your life. Or more importantly, that asshole would be your reason for being. But anything and all of the above can happen when you finally put yourself out there for a single-dad-ex-football-player-smarty-pants-hot-man. When you throw the Carpino’s, the Montgomery’s and an eighty-five year old bossy woman in the mix, it’s a recipe for…well…something big.

Warning: This book contains a hot dad, a sassy heroine, steamy parts and naughty words. If you’re under the age of 18, this author is frowning at you with her mama eyes telling you to walk away.



Athica Lane begins when Paige runs into a brick wall, well not literally, you see the brick wall is actually a really hot man who is a jackass. After running into this man Paige has to help look after her nephews for a week, and her sister's neighbor's children. But when she finds out who that neighbor is all things start to get a little crazy for Paige. Add in some kid drama, and crazy ex's and you've got a really great story. 

Athica Lane was way better than the first two books in this series. It is my favorite so far! I adored Paige and Cam especially together. And even though they each sort of ticked me off sometimes, I still loved EVERYTHING that happened in the story, because in the end, it was beautiful! 

Cam was also a really great dad, and a good man to Paige once he got his head out of his ass. And Paige was an extremely fun, and smart heroine. I also adored all of the children, and getting to see characters from previous books! 

So, overall I adored this book! 
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