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Bleed The Ink is a post Shooting Stars Reviews will start doing weekly! 
What's Bleed The Ink? 

That is a good question!  Bleed The Ink will be a weekly post featured on Shooting Stars Reviews. This is where we get done to the nitty gritty of blogging, reading and writing! 
You have something that you want to share feel free to comment! You have a topic you want to discuss go right ahead this is the place to do it. 

And NO, it is not all negative stuff, some will be positive, some will be negative, and some will be just down right crazy fun!! 
P.S. Just remember this is NOT something that is supposed to offend anyone, or hurt feelings. It’s just for fun and to chat with others! 
And remember tune in Mondays, at 7 P.M. central time to check it out! 
So, let's get started. 


(Dun Dun Dun )

Writing Reviews! 

This is kind of a strange topic, I know. But it's something that I just wanted to talk about. 
I created my blog to write reviews about ALL of the books I read, including the bad ones. 
This blog was created for my love of books. I want to share everything I can about them. And then I realized I could talk about other things as well. Not just reviews! And now here I am gabbing away about my opinions on just about EVERYTHING book related. 

The Good:
Writing a book review can be a really good thing sometimes. Especially if it is a positive review. After we read a really good book sometimes we just have to let everything we feel about it out. That is a good thing! We can share some of our favorite things about our favorite books without sharing too much! And to me that is a beautiful way for others to find books. Or if they are a little bit worried about a certain book, they can read the reviews to get a feel for it. It truly helps others find books, and see if they like them when people leave reviews! 

I love reviews! 

The Bleed:
Now, on to the bad. Sometimes people write negative reviews. And that isn't a bad thing as long as they are the kind of instructional criticism that is needed. I will write a review for basically every book I read. Even if I didn't like the book. 
Now, that doesn't mean when I write a negative review about a book that I didn't like that I trash the author or the book.
 No, I do not. 
Because that author spent time and poured a little bit of their soul into their book. So, even if I thought it was bad, I still respect the author enough not to bash them. 
But a lot of people feel differently and sometimes I believe they go a little overboard with the way they express their dislike. To me, this is just not needed. Anytime an author has a negative review it's going to affect them in some way. Some may take it really hard, others may decide that it was a good thing and now they know what to work on. However, when an author has to read a review that basically bashed everything they worked for and accomplished, I feel that's just way too much. They shouldn't have to listen to that, but alas there isn't much I can do other than set an example to not do it myself. 

On the flip-side of this negative review business. I've noticed some of the reviewers are a little scared to post negative reviews because of a few authors that have acted badly towards them. I know when I post a review I don't to have to worry about the author being rude to me, or doing other things that make the author seem a tad bit nuts. 
If I put a review about a book I do not like, and the author gets upset and attacks me. I'm personally probably going to ignore it, because I don't want to deal with drama. But that also means I'm never going to purchase one of their books again, and they just lost business.  But maybe in their mind, that is okay. Although it actually isn't.... 

Express Your View:

What do you think about writing reviews?

Do you express everything you're thinking about a book in a review? 

Or do you try to be polite in your negative reviews? 

Comment below and let me know!! 
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