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Title: Unexpectedly His
Author: Maggie Kelley

A match made in Manhattan...

By-the-book Marianne McBride wants to prove she's more than a computer geek in a pair of horn-rimmed glasses. But how did she end up hiding in a cake, waiting to sing "Happy Birthday" to Nick Wright, a sexy and arrogant serial-dater? Not exactly part of her plan. Especially when she finds herself kissing the birthday boy, and then running like hell...

Nick falls for no woman. No strings, no commitments, and no relationships. Not even with the sweetly curvaceous bombshell from his birthday. But then he's hit by a bombshell of his own. He needs to find the perfect faux fiancée, or kiss his key to the executive washroom goodbye. Fortunately, his matchmaker sister has the perfect girl in mind.

Now Nick and Marianne have to pretend they're in love for six weeks. No dating. No sex. 
And definitely no acting on the wickedly-hot chemistry that could ruin everything..



Unexpectedly His begins when Marianne McBride wants to shake up her world a little bit. She is tired of being the good girl. So, when her friend and boss asks her to jump out of a cake for her boss's brothers birthday and the man Marianne has been crushing on for a long time she takes this opportunity to let her little vixen out. But it goes down a little differently then she pictured. Now, Nick needs her for something more, and she must play along in order to get back at her ex and show everyone she isn't at all like they thought she was. However, she didn't plan on falling for Nick along the way. And she knows that he may never feel the same way she does.. 

This book was very good! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the whole plot line from start to finish. It was really fun and excited. And of course extremely humorous as well. 
Then the characters were just as great! Marianne was a buttoned up good girl, with an extremely daring side that needed to be let out. And Nick was just the perfect man for her. I loved the way Nick's views on everything changed and how we got to see it from his point of view at times as well. 

Then the epilogue was just awesome too! I really liked this book! It had me laughing, and entertained the entire time I read it. I look forward to more from this author! 

1) What made you decide to become an author? 
Bed rest. LOL. Seriously, I spent three months on bed rest waiting for my first son to make his way into the world, watching too much Grey’s Anatomy (because, um, Patrick Dempsey, well, in his prime!), and strangely, (perhaps because I was McDreamin’), I had this notion that I could write an actual book. I blame the 

2) Where did the idea come from for Unexpectedly His? 
Nick and Marianne were secondary characters in my debut novel, Breaking the Bachelor, and I knew as MA set her specs on Mr. Wright that they were meant to be. Plus, I love when opposites attract. 

3) Are the heroine and/or hero based on anyone you know in real life? 
Sadly, I do not 
know anyone like Nick.  And while Marianne isn’t based on any person I know, the 
friendship between Marianne and Jane, the heroine in the first Smart Cupid book, echoes my friendship with my own bestie who I’ve known since elementary school. 

4) What gave you the idea to use Marilyn quotes? 
 And where did you find them? I love when novelists use chapter headings, and I always knew I wanted to utilize them as part of the Cupid series. The Marilyn quotes seemed to suit Marianne’s sweet, vulnerable sexuality and her journey to be true to inner siren so perfectly that I couldn’t resist. I credit my friend and super-talented author, Elley Arden, for encouraging me to run with the whole idea. 

5) What is your favorite color? 
Blue, which means I am always seeking peace in my life, 
but with two little boys, well, I can seek all I want and still not get any peace ;)

6) If you could cast anyone as the hero and heroine in Unexpectedly His, who would you 
cast and why?
 As a former actress, I love this question! Nick is Theo James…all the way. 
Marianne? Maybe Addison Timlin or Kaitlin Olson. IDK. All rational thought stopped after Theo James.

7) What are your favorite things to do? 
I love the beach-everything about it. Sun-bathing, 
Reading a good book, building sand castles, besting arcades, boogie-boarding, indulging in ice cream. My husband and I lived by the beach for ten years, and since we’ve moved away, I miss it every day.

8) Do you have any pets? 
If so, what kind and what are their names? Nope. But my little 
boys are dying to get a puppy.

9) Who is your favorite author? 
I love Michelle Richmond for literary fiction. I think her 
writing is deep and beautiful and evocative, and in some instances, sexy. My friends, Samanthe Beck and Robin Bielman …I read and love them both, and there are so many good romance novelists, but Jennifer Crusie first inspired my love of romance—her sense of humor, the fun craziness of her worlds and her characters…yeah, that feels like love to me.

10) What is your favorite book?
The Girl in the Fall Away Dress by Michelle Richmond 
because it’s beautiful.

Thank you to everyone for stopping by today and for reading. A thousand times, thank you. And thank you to Whitney for hosting!

Giveaway: An e-copy of the first in the Smart Cupid series, Breaking the Bachelor. 

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Author Bio: 
After ten years of survival, aka working, in Hollywood, this former actress and 
current author of sexy contemporary romance is living happily-ever-after in Pittsburgh with her longtime sweetie and their two punky kids. When not carpooling to birthday parties or testing her gourmet cooking skills by throwing a frozen pizza into the oven, Maggie daydreams about sneaking off to Vegas or Napa, or even just the movies. A love of red wine, Italian food, and music round out her list of life's greatest joys. Oh, and Tuesday night karaoke, totally underrated fun.
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