Monday, August 24, 2015

Title: Things Liars Say
Series: #ThreeLittleLies #1
Author: Sara H. Ney

Lies, lies, lies; everybody tells them.... 

Greyson Keller didn't intend to lie; it just came out that way. So when the object of that lie shows up on her doorstep, she is confused, shocked, and embarrassed. 

Calvin Thompson is an Ivy Leaguer, attending University over an hour away, playing rugby and basically not giving a crap. So imagine his surprise when some guy named Greyson begins rumors online that they're dating -- the only logical solution is to drive an hour and confront him... 

Be there when Greyson and Cal finally meet face-to-face because. 
Sparks. Will. Fly. 

Yes, sparks fly. That's why this book is intended for those 17+ 
Foul language, and sexual content. 



Things Liars Say begins when Greyson let's the pressure of her friends get to her. She decides to make up a guy named Cal claiming he's her boyfriend. But when the real Cal gets wind of this and things Greyson is a guy. Things go from crazy to down right insane. 

And the next thing you know Cal and Greyson can't seem to stop talking to each other, or keep their hands off each other. But neither one is really sure what move to make next.. 

This book was freaking hilarious. I laughed so many times through the book and in public as well. It was just that funny! I loved the story line, and the characters. It was all very good.
The only downside to the story was half of it was emails, or text messages. So, that did get a little old, but it was still really good, and I got over that after a while. 
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