Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Title: Ready to Love Again
Author: Annalyse Knight

After a bitter divorce, aquarist Katie Rodriquez and her nine-year-old son move to California to start over. A fateful stroll on a Carmel beach turns Katie’s world upside down when she meets a handsome doctor and his troubled family.

Chase O’Donnell had everything a man could ask for when a tragic accident changed his life forever. Tortured by his past, he locks away his grief, refusing to face what his loss has done to him and the people he loves most.

Katie and Chase must find the strength to rebuild their lives while juggling the demands of careers and single parenthood. When Chase’s daughter lashes out, they soon discover that the price of their romance is too high. To heal his family’s pain, they both must risk losing each other. Facing unresolved guilt and anger, will they have the courage to learn to love again?


Ready to Love Again begins when Katie and her son Shawn move to California after she recently got a divorce. She knows things will be tough, but when Shawn makes a new friend at school, and wants to join the baseball team she meets his friend's dad, and things taken an even stranger turn. 

Chase has been struggling the last three years with the death of his wife, and taking care of his two children. Now, when he finally notices Katie things start to spin out of control in his world. 

These two have a long way to go to start a relationship especially when their children get in the way, and the past keeps coming up. But maybe it's time to work through it all to make a new start in life for each of them. 

This book was really good! I enjoyed the whole plot line and all of the characters. This story was a very emotional read. It brought tears to my eyes several times, but all in all it was very good. I loved the way the author portrayed Chase and Katie's issues, and how she did the children as well. This story felt so real it was heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. 

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