Monday, August 24, 2015

Title: Our Kinda Love
Series: What Kinda Love #2
Author: Deanna Eshler

Keegan Hughes is a fiercely independent, and annoyingly honest, college senior who believes in the zombie apocalypse. Her “unique qualities” entertain her friends and, unfortunately, attracts the attention of her new neighbor, Adrian Elliott. 

Having been left behind by other men in her life, Keegan vowed to never trust another guy with her happiness. She'll take what she wants from them, but they only get what she's willing to give. When Adrian slams into her life, he tramples all over her rules and boundaries, constantly throwing her off balance 

Keegan can't deny her physical attraction to Adrian, but his hyperactive, slightly delusional personality, is very unlike her usual type—confident, tattooed, alpha male. When Adrian makes a proposal that could benefit them both, Keegan knows it's a horrible idea, but can't resist his plea for her help. 

Neither of them are prepared for the storm that's created when their two very intense personalities come together. Will Keegan get the hell out before Adrian destroys every boundary she creates? If she stays, can Adrian get through his own real-life demons to be the first man in her life to make her a priority?



Our Kinda Love begins when Keegan meets her new neighbors. Three guys. But she's not about to hide how she really is even if that means embarrassing her friends.. But Adrian isn't turned off by her, in fact he wants more of her and he's not going to give up trying. 

Even though Keegan has lots of secrets she's hiding because her darker past, she's still pretty straight forward, and she doesn't enjoy Adrian coming onto her, much. 

These two will have a crazy kind of romance before it is all said and done, but neither one is sure they can make it last.. 

I really liked this one. I thought it had a lot of funny parts in it, and I enjoyed the whole plot line. The story line was also very interesting, and kept me entertained during the whole book. 

The only thing I didn't really like about the book was I felt the heroine was a major contradiction. I felt like she was an outspoken person at first, but then she hid so much it made it almost untrue. I did really like the whole book though, and I hope to read more in this series as well! 

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