Sunday, August 2, 2015

Title: Last Call
Author: Jennifer Schmidt

Novalee Jensen thought what happened in Vegas would stay in Vegas, but two years later, her Vegas indiscretion shows up in her bar. Novalee’s fears come true as the sudden appearance of the stranger brings questions everyone wants answers to, and the secret she’s kept to herself for so long is exposed.

Dean Philips is on a mission to find his wife and bring her back to Nevada, all without exposing his own secrets and lies. Lies that could not only cost him his fortune, but also the woman he’s yearned to know since that fateful night two years ago.



Novalee Jensen has had a pretty rough life up until now. She's done everything she can to move on from everything that happened. But two years ago, she did something completely out of character for her. And she figured what happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas. But apparently that isn't the case for her. Because when her big mistake walks through the door of her bar, she has no idea what to do, or what he could possibly want after all of this time. 

Dean knows what he did back then and now is totally wrong. And he knows that the woman he's been thinking about for the past two years might very well hate him, or come to hate him when everything is all said and done. However, he never expected to fall for her. And as time starts to count down for him, fall he does. 

This book was extremely unique and very good! I enjoyed the whole plot line. And I adored both of the characters. Although I sorta got really pissed at Dean a lot, but I ended up thinking he was pretty awesome in the end. This book brought a lot of great surprise to me, and I had a wonderful time reading it. It had an alpha male, and a very strong heroine so that made it even better! 

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