Sunday, August 23, 2015

Title: A Kiss Like This
Series: Kiss & Make Up #3
Author: Sara H. Ney


She will never be “that” girl. You know the one: that girl on campus, confident in her own skin. Always saying the right things. Putting herself out there. Knows how to talk to a guy without stammering. 

Nope. Shy but clever, and easily embarrassed, Abby is fine being the wallflower in her circle of outgoing, beautiful friends; she would rather read about a sexy book boyfriend than actually have a live, breathing one. 


Star goaltender for the University’s hockey team, Caleb is quiet and broody, preferring the solitude of his orderly, regimented life. He doesn’t like, or need people—and plans to keep it that way. One more year left of hockey and he’ll be long gone. 


Both their lives change the day that Abigail falls for Caleb. Well, falls directly on top of him, to be accurate. Because sometimes we don’t settle into love. 

We fall there. 

WARNING: This book contains cursing, and LOTS of it. It also has sex, uncomfortable sexual situations, and secondary characters who say some really inappropriate shit. RATING: R



A Kiss Like This begins when Abby decides to climb out of her cousins second story bedroom window. Not the brightest idea she's ever had, but she would rather fall than face embarrassment with her cousin's frat brothers. However, when the guy next door comes over and yells at her for being a idiot things go from bad to worse. But for some reason when these two get a good look at each other they can't seem to stay away from each other. Things get a little weird at times because they are so awkward and with the "help" of their friends it's going to be a wild ride.. 

I adored this book! Totally, utterly  adored! It's amazing how awesome it was! I loved both of the main characters and all of their awkwardness. Then of course, I also liked the side characters throwing their too cents into as well. And the whole plot line was extremely hilarious, and had me highly entertained the whole book. 

The only downer about the book was towards the end. I didn't really get the "conflict" that happened. It didn't make sense to me at all, and just seemed rather dumb and pointless. I felt the story would have been better with out it. But other than that the rest was really really awesome! 
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