Thursday, August 27, 2015

Title: Black Blood
Series: Black Bloods #1
Author: John Hennessy

Vampires, werewolves, witches, magic—no one in the Sanctuary, home of the survivors of the nuclear apocalypse, believes in such imaginary creations, including Aberdeen Dareday. That is until the day Abby wakes up with black veins bulging under her skin. The day she learns everything she’s been told about the world is a lie. Forced to flee humanity’s last refuge because of her abnormality, and the corpses left in its unexplainable wake, she finds herself on the run in an entirely new world. A world in which darkness reigns, full of supernatural creatures bent on her execution. 

When all seems lost and facing certain death, Abby is saved by Ash, a quiet yet striking young man who shares her black blood, and her mysterious powers. After Ash reveals a clue regarding an old witch, they head north to her home in Montana, determined to beat the piling odds and obtain the answers they seek. Now hunted by everyone from vengeful humans, to the alluring vampire Prince of Texas, to the Lord Alpha of the largest werewolf pack ever to exist, Abby must discover what is so special about her black blood if she hopes to live and fight another day, but time stands against them as their enemies close in for the kill.

Black Blood is a spellbinding cross-genre mutation unlike anything you’ve ever read, weaving paranormal fantasy in a post-apocalyptic world.



Black Bloods begins with Abby living in the "Sanctuary." She seems to be the only one asking questions and uncertain about the way things are. But when one day she gets a little sick, and her veins start look black all hell seems to break loose in her world. Now, she's finally learning what's really going on, and she must escape before it is all too late. 

But the outside world is not at all what she's expecting. And when she meets more people along the way, she knows they are also a danger to her, especially when she finds out she's different from them as well. 

Black Bloods was a very interesting read. It's not the normal dystopia or paranormal type of book. It's a little bit of both in a very intriguing story. 
I also enjoyed the main character as well. She was so innocent, yet very strong too. And her strengths helped the others in the book as well. 

Overall I liked this story. It was interesting, and had some good characters. 

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