Thursday, August 6, 2015

Title: Beauty and the Bachelor
Author: Naima Simone

Billionaire Lucas Oliver is hell bent on revenge. And his plan begins when Sydney Blake—the stunning daughter of his enemy—is tricked into bidding on Lucas at a bachelor auction. Then he serves up a little blackmail...followed by a marriage proposal Sydney has no choice but to accept.

Sydney has been controlled by her family her whole life. When Lucas threatens to reveal her father's shady business, she is once again forced to do her duty for her family. But worse—oh so much worse—is the rush of lust that Lucas ignites in her blood. 

Lucas is determined to make Sydney suffer, but it’s tough when he can’t keep from touching her–or thinking about touching her–all the time. She’s not fairing much better since she’s engaged to a darkly handsome beast intent on destroying her entire family...along with her heart.


Beauty and the Bachelor begins when Lucas Oliver puts his revenge plan into motion. He's so dead set on getting back what he deserves and making the one man who ruined his life pay that he doesn't care who he takes out in the process. Including beautiful Sydney. But the problem is she's different from what he thought she would be. And while she is now his wife, he has no idea how to deal with everything he's all ready set into motion and the future as well. 

Sydney on the other hand is falling for her husband. Even though he's only using her and she knows it. Or well, she knows some if it. She doesn't know the whole truth and if she did, her life would be turned even more upside. Because the man she thinks she knows may know be the real Lucas at all. 

Beauty and the Bachelor is a beautiful spin of Beauty and the Beast type of story. It has lots of great drama, and some very sweet moments as well. I enjoyed how Lucas came to Sydney's rescue a lot during the story, but also how she continued to stand by him even though she knew he was hell bent on hating her father. I loved this whole story line, and both of the main characters as well. I look forward to reading more by this author! 
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