Monday, August 17, 2015

Title: Undercover With the Enemy
Author: Sharron McClellan

When opposites ignite...
High-risk securities operative Holly Milano usually prefers to work alone. Having a partner is, well, annoying. Case in point-her current assignment with Kane MacMillan. They're working undercover in high society to retrieve a priceless diamond necklace.

And Mr. Plan Everything is seriously cramping Holly's fly-by-the-seat-of-her-sexy-pants style.
Kane takes his job seriously, and he knows from experience that working with Holly usually ends in disaster. Their conflicting approaches could destroy their cover-or worse, get them killed. But when they're forced to pose as an engaged couple, neither Holly nor Kane are prepared for the possibility of an unexpected attraction...or that they're now putting their lives and their hearts on the line.

Author Interview! 

1) What gave you the idea for Undercover with the Enemy?
Holly is a character from the previous book. I knew she was a thie,f but I wanted to give her a fun background—because she’s a fun person—so went with circus. As for Kane--she needed someone to balance her and who better than an uptight hacker.

2) Are the hero and heroine inspired by people you know in real life?
I wish I knew these people, but nope. Sad, right?

3) Do you listen to music while writing?
If so, is there a song that you specially picked for the hero and heroine?
I create a soundtrack for each book and it varies in genre, tone, etc. I wrote most of this book listening to Lady Gaga, Green Day and the soundtrack from Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon. A weird mix but I works for me. No special song for them unless you count theme of the Gladiators (circus theme), which is super annoying when it gets stuck in your head.

4) What made you decide to become an author?
It was always in “the plan”. Of course, “the plan” changed when I went to college and became an archeologist. As much as I loved the science (I am a total science whore) it was only a few years later that I went back to writing. At first, I wrote more sci/fi and fantasy, but then I started reading romance and found my niche in the genre.

5) What is your favorite book?
The Stand, by Stephen King. The characters are wonderfully complex. I’ve read it more times than I can count. The weird thing is that when I first picked it up, I hated it. Hated. It. Thought it was boring. But I’d pick it up once in a while and give it a try. It took me three times to get past the first chapter. No idea why I found it dull. Now, it’s my favorite.

6) Who is your favorite author?
My BFF, Cathy Pegau, is amazeballs! She write strong, vulnerable, complex women and men. From the time she started writing books (I was there for that), she was a natural. She has so much talent and while anyone can learn to be good, true talent is a gift.   

7) If you could cast anyone as the hero and heroine from Undercover with the Enemy, who would you choose?
Emma Stone (as a blonde) and Chris Pratt because he is hot but not pretty. And he’s funny. I love funny!

8) What do you enjoy doing besides writing?
I wish I could say working in the yard but it’s a necessity. We have 5 acres and the buckwheat and sumac bushes refuse to be kept at bay with anything short of a machete or flamethrower. So. Much. Sumac.  I do like sitting on the deck with a glass of Coppola Pinot Noir and looking at the result of a hard day’s work. J  And wine tasting. I like that a lot. Yes, wine is the theme here…..

9) What is your favorite sub Genre in the Romance genre?
I like humor. Susan Elizabeth Philips is hysterical. I also like good sci/fi. It was my first love in reading and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

10) If you could live the life of any book character who would it be and why?

The heroine from my first book, Veronica Bright. A traveling archaeologist with a shotgun? What’s not to love? 

Undercover With the Enemy begins when Holly Milano is being partnered with Kane MacMillan. The major problem with this is, Holly is more a risk taker. She's going to act before she thinks things through, and doesn't really follow orders very well. Kane, however, is the exact opposite. He follows orders to the "T" and hates that Holly doesn't ever stick to the plan. These two have never worked well together, and now they forced to pretend to be engaged. Neither one is really sure what is going to happen next or if they can even pull off this assignment. But they bound and determined to try! 
The last thing they expected though was to have an attraction to each other, and that's exactly what starts to build once they start pretending... 

This book was very interesting. It has suspense, an extremely strong heroine, and a really awesome hero. It was a nice contrast to see how different the hero and heroine were, and how they came together. The situations they had to go through created a strong bond between them, and at times were quite funny. 

Over all this book was very interesting, and I liked! 

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