Monday, June 22, 2015

Title: Wet
Series: The Water's Edge #1
Author: Stacy Kestwick

Doughnuts were her weakness.
If Sadie Mullins hadn’t been running on the beach to burn off the calories from her doughnut addiction, she wouldn’t have noticed the man not moving out in the water. 
Wouldn’t have dived in after him.
Wouldn’t have met West Montgomery.
The cocky bastard should have been thankful, grateful even. 
Of course, he wasn’t.
That should have been the end of it. 
Of course, it wasn’t.
Damn doughnuts.

Wet begins when Sadie finds out somethings about her current boyfriend, and how her life is going. She’s done with all of that mess, and takes off to live with her best friend across the country.  Along with not trusting men anymore she’s also tired of her “dry” spell. So, when she takes her best friends stance on dealing with men things get a little weird. Especially when she meets West. The guy around town who is a local, and very popular as well.
 These two have a lot of issues to deal with at first. And it doesn’t get a whole lot better from there.

This book started out pretty interesting. I really liked Sadie the first half to sixty percent of the book. It was a really interesting story during that part, and I enjoyed the characters. But after sixty percent it just went kind of downhill for me. I ended up not liking the book overall. 


I really didn’t like how cheating kept being implied yet not, then in the end it was completely implied, and that just annoyed the crap out of me. It made me not even really interested in the next book. Also, it wasn’t just the cheating thing, it was mainly the way the heroine handled everything. I hated how she kept finding strange things out and just ignoring them or not confronting West about it. That totally bugged me and made me lose a lot of respect for her. So, for me this one started off good, but fell flat. It just wasn’t for me. 
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