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Title: Kissed by Fire
Series: Blood & Magic #2
Author: Danielle Annett
Designer: Mae I Design
Release Date: October 1, 2015

As Friend of the Pack, Aria Naveed should be untouchable, protected by the 
most influential group in the Pacific Northwest. But someone is unleashing rogue 
vampires to hunt her down, and she is determined to find out why. 

When Aria gains command of Sanborn Place and takes on a case involving a mysterious 
paranormal, her life is put in more peril than ever as she finds herself bound to an 
influential power player. She doesn’t want to be anyone’s puppet, but must tread 
carefully as she traverses the streets of Spokane, WA, or risk being overwhelmed by the forces moving against her. 

As the only known pyrokinetic in the area, Aria is in high demand, but not for her 
services. It seems that to those in power, she’s worth more dead than alive, and if a 
mysterious enemy has their way, she won’t live long enough to find out why.

ABOUT BOOK 1 in the series


Released: Jan 28, 2015

It has been six years since the Awakening and peace in Spokane, Washington is still 
tenuous at best. The vampires and shifters are all vying for control of the city and the 
humans seem to be the ones suffering the consequences, or so it seems.

Aria Naveed has spent the last two years of her life fighting to make the many wrongs of 
the world right, but soon finds out that the humans aren’t as weak as they appear and may 
be a more terrifying foe than any of the other races combined. 

When a stranger rolls into town with trouble on his heels, Aria finds herself trapped in the 
middle of a battle that could cost her more than she has bargained for as a fight for justice 
turns into an unexpected fight for her life.

What Reviewers had to say about book 1:

"I thought Cursed by Fire was an awesome read and a great introduction to the series. I 
can't fault it in anyway and thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to more." 

- Book Passion for Life

"Oh my GOODNESS! I completely devoured this book in one siting it was THAT 

-Cocktails and Books Blog

Danielle Annett is a reader, writer, photographer, and the blogger behind Coffee and 
Characters. Born in the SF Bay area, she now resides in Spokane, WA, the primary 
location for her Blood & Magic series.

Addicted to coffee at an early age, she spends her restless nights putting pen to paper as 
she tries to get all of the stories out of her head before the dogs wake up the rest of the 
house and vye for her attention.

You can learn more about Danielle on her website at or follow her 
on facebook at and on twitter 

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