Friday, May 29, 2015

Title: When Bruce Met Cyn
Series: Visitation, North Carolina #3
Author: Lori Foster

You first met Bruce Kelly in Lori Foster's novel THE SECRET LIFE OF BRYAN. Now, Bruce comes into his own--and a whole lot of trouble--when he falls for a woman who is nothing like he is, but everything he wants...


Bruce Kelly has spent most of his life helping people who are down on their luck, guiding them toward making better lives. Compassionate and kind, Bruce understands that everyone makes mistakes, even if he's never actually done anything but color inside the lines. Nobody's perfect, but Bruce is about to meet a woman who's perfect for him. He's determined to show her that he can be trusted. And if that means proving it by being the absolute gentleman at all times, then so be it. No matter how many cold showers it takes.


Cyn Potter is a survivor, with a sassy, gallows wit and a fierce independent streak to show for it. She's used to men only wanting one thing, and this girl is no longer taking applications from big bad wolves in sheep's clothing, thank you very much, drive through please and keep on going. But Bruce Kelly is actually different. Totally hands off. Sometimes she can see a hint of fire when he looks at her, but the guy treats her with the respect she's always wanted. Maybe too much respect, because truthfully? The guy is fine. Worth taking down a few defenses for...and a few other things. And maybe somebody needs to help Bruce start over and discover just how perfect being imperfect can be.


When Bruce Met Cyn begins with Cyn going to Visitation. She's had a really hard life, and is tired of being a hooker, so she sets out to the first place she feels right. Along the way, she encounters Bruce Kelly a local preacher who also lives in Visitation. Bruce understands Cyn more than she wants him too, and can't seem to help but feel attracted to her. And as he gets to know her more he he wants her more and more. But he's unsure of how to go about it with Cyn. She's so much younger than him, and has been through a lot. 

Cyn on the other hand is falling for him, and can't ever see him wanting to be with an ex-hooker. But these two will fight the attraction as much as possible, but when trouble finds Cyn things get more complicated. 

This book was really really good. I really enjoyed the whole plot from start to finish! I loved that Cyn had been through so much, and kept right on going. She was an extremely strong character, and made the story a lot more interesting. Also, Bruce was another great character. He treated Cyn with a lot of respect, and treasured her! It was great getting to see them together. 

This story didn't just include drama though. It had some suspense as well. I really enjoyed all of it. And I look forward to reading more in this series as well! 

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