Saturday, May 2, 2015

Title: Blind Luck
Series: Team Red #6
Author: T. Hammond

What happens in Reno should stay in Reno. Unfortunately, Red has never learned to keep a secret. 

Teresa March and the Team Red detail are off to Nevada to help authorities solve a series of escalating violent crimes. Assault, robbery, rape, and most recently – murder, spreading from Tahoe's rugged lakeside trails to Reno's desert recreation areas. Tensions and altitudes are high. 

David remains in Spokane at Marcia's bedside, and Bastian is on the East Coast completing PreClan software installations. Both men worry about Teresa as she and Red close in on the vicious gang cutting a bloody swath of terror through the Sierra Mountains.

Blind Luck begins with Bas on the East Coast for work, and Teresa fixing to leave for Reno to see if she and Red can help out on a case that the FBI and local cops are working on. This case is pretty crazy, and all of the officers and agents don't seem to agree on Team Red, but they have to take a chance to get results. Meanwhile, Teresa is busy dealing with her issues, and being away from Bas. But she stands up really well through out the whole book. 

This one was a great addition to the Team Red series. I adored it! I loved all of the Bas and Teresa parts. And of course Red and Teresa as well. I loved the whole plot line, especially getting to see more of Teresa and Red work together. And I totally adored the end, even though it was kind of a cliffhanger ended just not a bad one. I really enjoyed this one, and am super excited to read the next one! 

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