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Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday! 

 This is a weekly meme created by The Broke and The Bookish where we share Top Ten Things with a different topic every week. 

 This weeks top ten is:
Top Ten ALL TIME Favorite Authors! 

This one is actually pretty easy for me! I'm slightly picky on who I consider a favorite, but I do have ten that I read no matter what! 

1) Kristen Ashley! Author of these favorite series: Rock Chick, Colorado Mountain, Dream Man, The Burg, and much much more. 
Kristen Ashley is one of the best author's when it comes to alpha males. No one can write them like she can. Yes, there are some who come close, and are still really good, but MS. ASHLEY has an edge about her that no other author has. Not only does she do alpha males great, but all of her stories are very unique, and extremely entertaining and meaningful. I feel like I want to be a better person while reading her stories. She's truly one of my favorite authors ever! 

2) Nicola Claire! Author of these series: Sweet Seduction, The Citizen Saga, Kindred, and more. 
I first found Nicola Claire's books when I was searching for something similar to KA's Rock Chick series. And I found Nicola Claire's Sweet Seduction series. This series is freaking awesome! It's one of my favorite series ever. I fell in love with NC's writing style, and her awesome characters. She's a lot like KA when it comes to Alpha Males, but Nicola's characters all pretty much come from New Zealand, which adds more charm to her stories. Then I found her other series such as The Citizen Saga, which is freaking awesome as well. And now I'm obsessed with all of her books, and I can not wait for the new ones to come out. 

3) Jennifer Estep! Author of The Elemental Assassin series, Mythos Academy series, and one I recently read Bigtime series. 
Jennifer Estep writes extremely good books! I found her Elemental Assassin series and wanted more. She's great at writing Urban Fantasy for adults, and Young Adults. And I also really enjoy her Bigtime series that's about superheros. She's one of the best Urban Fantasy author's ever! I totally love her writing. 

4) Kelly Oram! Author of Being Jamie Baker, The Avery Shaw Experiment, Cinder & Ella, V is for Virgin, and more. 
Kelly Oram is probably the best YA/NA author ever! She's extremely good at the contemporary aspect of it as well. I really enjoy all of her books, and I look forward to the new ones coming. 

5) Kendal Waller! She is a new author with currently four books published and more on the way. Two of my favorites are Strong, and Moving On! 
Kendal is great at writing contemporary and romantic suspense! Kendal is really good at writing alpha males, and really strong heroines. I totally adore her books, and I look forward to more! 

6) Tijan! Author of Fallen Crest High series, Carter Reed, and Broken & Screwed! 
Tijan is really great at YA/NA novels! She as a very unique way of writing the heroines to be strong, and tough yet also in need of their own hero. I started reading her books just to find more heroines like that. I love Tijan! 

7) Bella Jewel! Author of MC Sinners, Jokers' Wrath MC, Rebels on Bikes, and more. 
Bella Jewel is very good at writing Biker Romances! She does really good at showing us how the bikers live, but also how loyal they are as well. I truly adore her writing style, and all of the biker romances she's written so far. And I'm looking forward to a whole lot more. 

8)Maya Banks! Author of KGI series, Breathless series, and Sweet series.
 Maya Banks is awesome when it comes to several different types of genres including historical romance, romantic suspense,  and much more. I personally fell in love with her KGI series because of the unique story each book has and because of the awesome suspense. Then I started reading more of her steamy reads and just couldn't get away from her writing! I totally adore it. 

9)Penny Reid! Author of the hilarious Knitting in the City series, Attraction and more. 
 Penny Reid is the author to go to for funny and sweet romances! I adore her books, and her new series Elements of Chemistry! 

10)Jennifer L. Armentrout! Author of the Lux series, Covenant series, the Dark Elements and more. 
 This author is the best when it comes to YA/NA paranormal romance! I loved her Lux series, and Covenant was just as good. She takes us to new worlds that are filled with all kinds of unique ideas, and very interesting stories. 

That's all for now folks! 

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