Thursday, April 9, 2015

Title: The Tempting Touch Of Fire
Series: Elemental Awakening #1
Author: Nicola Claire

'Oh, this was sweet torture. To be this close to nirvana and walk away because I am coy. I closed my eyes tightly and swallowed down my fears. Theo wanted me. Like this. He craved me, in any way he could get me. Even if I wasn’t his, even if this all was torn asunder tomorrow, how could I not take the chance to feel this, to share this, with him? Even if just for a moment.'

For the past year Casey Eden has nurtured a crush on handsome, confident and slightly arrogant Theo Peters. For the first time in her life she's actually been able to flirt with a man. She even believed he was about to take their delicious flirtations to the next step.

But then things changed.

A pit full of dirt.
A preternatural world she never knew existed.
And a fire of passion ignited deep inside her heart.

Now, they are sworn enemies, their attraction to each other a bitter-sweet temptation that will only lead to heartache in the end. But there is more for Casey to be worried about than forbidden love. Her world has been turned upside down and inside out, and now she has to find out who and what she has become. To do that, she must walk a dangerous tightrope between desire and reality. But reality for Casey includes a calling to the Earth and a longing for Fire, not to mention those who become aware of her will do anything to get what they want. And she soon begins to realise nothing will ever be the same again.

This story begins when Casey finally thinks she's going to get a date with the guy she's been crushing on for over a year. But when things go a little crazy, and she realizes that she actually has some weird powers with plants and the Earth things just got real for Casey. And the man she thought was the man of her dreams, is actually her enemy.  Now, Theo and Casey must figure what she is, what happened to her and more before it is much too late. 

This book was not at all what I was expecting. I liked it, but I was a little bit annoyed with both of the main characters at times. It was a little bit frustrating. I felt like Casey was a strong woman, and brave, but then she kept repeating the same thing to herself through almost the whole book, and that got old very quickly. 
And I really didn't like the fact that Theo was really had never settled down, and that these two seemed more like a Romeo and Juliet type of couple then anything else. 
Other then that the powers these people had were freaking awesome. I totally loved that aspect of the book! And I do look forward to reading more in it. I just hope that the romance gets  a little bit better. 

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