Thursday, April 30, 2015

Title: Property Of
Author: C.P. Smith

“Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life.” ― Oscar Wilde

Author Nicola Royse dreamed of Scottish Highlanders as a teen then wrote about them as an adult. Always looking but never finding her own White Knight, she still held out hope that he would one day ride up on his trusty steed. He rode up all right, on a silver Harley with heat in his eyes and a detective's badge on his hip while she and her friends plotted her first contemporary romantic suspense. Of course, life couldn't' imitate art without a killer on the loose, one that had Nicola and her friends in his sights. 

Detective Dallas Vaughn dedicated his life to catching killers. Then one day he bumped into the girl-next-door, and all that changed. Now he's her White Knight fighting against a Dark Prince—one who would love to see her dead.

Property Of begins when Nicola decides she needs to get out of her writer's cave and back in real life. The problem is she can't seem to keep ideas out of her head. So, she and her friends decide to help her write the book together. And when Nicola literally runs into the man who is the inspiration for her new hero in her book, things start to get interesting. Especially when this man is "Detective Drop Dead Delicious" Dallas Vaughn. He can't seem to stay away from Nicola, and when it seems she may be in danger things get a whole lot more interesting. 

Property Of was a very suspenseful read. I adored it! I loved the whole plot, and all of the characters. I thought Dallas was a perfect hero, and I loved the fact that he was a detective. Then I also really liked Nicola, because while she frustrated me a few times with the mistakes she made, it never lasted long and she actually learned from them. Which if you read lots of romance novels you see that not all heroines learn from their mistakes. 

The suspense in the story also added a whole lot of greatness too it. I loved that it wasn't just a romance, or just drama. The plot was so unique, and interesting that I couldn't put it down! 
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