Saturday, April 4, 2015

Title: Guilty Pleasures
Series: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #1
Author: Laurell K. Hamilton

Anita Blake may be small and young, but vampires call her the Executioner. Anita is a necromancer and vampire hunter in a time when vampires are protected by law—as long as they don't get too nasty. Now someone's killing innocent vampires and Anita agrees—with a bit of vampiric arm-twisting—to help figure out who and why. 

Trust is a luxury Anita can't afford when her allies aren't human. The city's most powerful vampire, Nikolaos, is 1,000 years old and looks like a 10-year-old girl. The second most powerful vampire, Jean-Claude, is interested in more than just Anita's professional talents, but the feisty necromancer isn't playing along—yet. This popular series has a wild energy and humor, and some very appealing characters—both dead and alive.

Guilty Pleasures begins when Anita Blake is forced to work for some vampires, not just any vampires, but the strongest in the city. She can't stand that she has to do this, but there is no other choice. Now, she must find out who is murdering the vampires (and it's not her) before it is too late for everyone. However, Anita's views on vamps seem to be changing the longer she has to deal with them. Well, sort of. But with the people she can consider allies she does her best to find the killer. 

This book was good. But I was expecting something different. I really did like it though. But at times I wish there had been a little bit more from Anita. I hope the story gets a little better when it comes to that, and I also hope she has a love interest. Other wise I really loved the whole plot, and the vampire world the author created. But the best part was Anita herself. That woman was kick ass during this whole book! She totally rocked. Now, I'm looking forward to reading more in the series. 
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