Monday, April 27, 2015

Title: Feast of Saints
Author: Zoe Wildau

When special effects artist Lilly Rose agrees to design the vampire Allegrezza for the blockbuster film Feast of Saints, she’s made a grave mistake. The violent subject matter and the grueling schedule are a far cry from the G-rated children’s fantasies she’s used to, as is the actor who plays the villain. Jake Durant never plays a nice guy. He’s an entertainment powerhouse who runs a business empire that includes L.A.’s most prestigious talent agency. During the intimate process of transforming Jake into Allegrezza day after day, his commanding personality and intense sexual interest in Lilly become a constant source of conflict as Lilly repeatedly rebuffs him. He’s her client and her boss’s boss and Lilly’s learned from watching that women never come out on top in the kind of relationship she believes Jake has in mind for her. Her resolve to keep their relationship strictly professional is further fueled by stress-induced nightmares in which Jake appears as a demonic beast intent on setting her on fire. 

Feast weaves and the magic of Hollywood special effects into this steamy, contemporary romance to create an enduring love story that brings fantasy to life.

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Feast of Saints begins when Lily gets the opportunity to do a really huge job with Jake Durant. She doesn't have a great impression of him at first, and as things get more complicated with her job, it looks like she can't really stand him at all. But Jake sees something different in Lily and wants her more than anything. But he seems to be having some problems trying to show her that. With Lily's nightmares getting worse, and more stress added on things aren't all looking as good as they should be. 

This book was really interesting. I enjoyed the plot line, and I liked the hero and heroine a whole lot. They had a very different kind of romance, and I really enjoyed it. I also loved the fact that the hero was an alpha male! And the heroine was really strong, and didn't let all the bad get to her. 
The only thing that was a little bit frustrating was how much detail was put into Lily's work. I didn't mind reading some of it, but after a while it seemed like the majority of the book was just what she was doing at work, and that got old. It made the story somewhat tiresome, and long. 

Other then that though I did enjoy it, and I liked it for the most part. 
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