Sunday, March 22, 2015

Title: Giver of Light
Series: Kindred #4
Author: Nicola Claire

His lips met mine again, this time in a slow, soft caress, conveying everything he had just said in those beautiful words that had reached my very soul. I could have drowned in that kiss. I could have lived there for eternity. It filled me up with everything I needed to survive. He gave me life through his lips and I treasured it.

Recovering from recent losses, Lucinda finds herself in a Dark place. She starts to doubt who she has become. She seeks reassurance, that despite the Prophesy and what that has meant for her life, she is still remaining true to herself.

The American Families of Vampires close in on Lucinda and her kindred. There is one who insists Lucinda is his and none other's. He has not forgotten her and will do anything, anything at all to make her his. Loyalties are tested and fall short, and Lucinda must find the strength to fight for something she cannot even remember. But, that is not all Lucinda must battle. The Queen of Darkness appears in amongst the mayhem to exact her plans for Dark's success and the final confrontation of Light and Dark comes to a head.

Without the steadfast support and love of her kindred, Lucinda would not be able to face what is to come, but still she holds something of herself back. Will she never give herself completely to Michel? And if she does, will it be enough to save her? And enough to save the Light from the Dark once and for all?

In the fourth book of the Kindred series, Lucinda and Michel are being tested again. This time it may be their greatest challenge yet. They are going to have a whole lot of problems from the American vampires now. Not only that but these two will also face a whole lot more drama added into the mix as well. They must each try to figure it out before it is much too late. 

This book was okay. I didn't like it as much as some of the previous books, but it was still interesting. I think the main problems I had with it were it just felt like every main issue was resolved very quickly. And not only that I am so tired of Lucinda constantly trying to figure out why she was picked.. In my head I'm screaming at her, to "just deal with it." It was getting on my nerves a whole lot. But I really did like the ending of this one a whole lot. It made me excited for the next book in the series now! 

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