Friday, March 27, 2015

Title: Dreaming of a Blood Red Christmas
Series: Kindred 8.1
Author: Nicola Claire

You wanted more? Well, here it is! A Christmas Special Novella (just over 16,000 words) from Michel's point of view, set after the end of book eight in the Kindred Series: Kiss of the Dragon. A sweet surprise full of a fewKindred secrets, wrapped up in a Michel package, just in time for Christmas.

When I look at her, I see the strong, independent, courageous woman I have always seen. The sexy, confident, alluring hunter she was the first day I watched her handle a stake. The love of my life. The very air I breathe. The very blood that fuels my veins. She is everything to me. And not once when I look at her do I see anything other than perfection.

It's Christmas and Michel Durand has a lot on his mind. His kindred Nosferatin, his role on the vampire council; the Iunctio, and now a visitor long thought forgotten. Life is never simple for the five hundred year old vampire, but would he have it any other way?

In this last quick glimpse into the Kindred World we see Michel as we've always loved him. Powerful. Sexy. Hungry. Masterful. Commanding. Alluring. And in love with the kindred who stands at his side.

A short story to say thank you from the author of the Kindred Series. Enjoy! And thanks for loving Michel & Luce as much as I do.

This is a short novella followed after the end of the Kindred series. Michel and Luce are waiting for their babies to be born right before Christmas. And someone from Michel's past comes into play. Michel is worried that this could hurt Lucinda, and things could go wrong. But he underestimates his Kindred when it comes to this. Luce will not stand for anyone coming between her and her Kindred. 

This was a really short book in Michel's point of view. While, I sort of hated the fact that another woman came into play between these two, I really loved how Luce handled it. And I totally adored the end. It was extremely beautiful! Now, I can not seem to stay away from the Kindred world, so I will be going on to the next series! I highly recommend reading this one, it is a must! 

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