Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Title: Jem
Author: Michelle Abbott

Two injured, stubborn souls meet unexpectedly. Will they save each other from their demons or have they been too damaged for too long to see past the pain?

Growing up, all Jem knew was hatred and the pain from his father's fists. Taunted by the kids at school, he was alone, until a girl with carrot coloured hair sat next to him.

She smiled.
She listened.
She cared.

She was his angel, and he knew he’d love her forever. But Jem’s father hurts him in a way he never expected by taking him away from her.

Now eighteen, scarred inside and out, Jem trusts no one and has worked hard to ensure he'll never be helpless again. But then he runs into his angel. The only problem is she doesn’t recognize him. Jem needs her to remember him, to show him that their time together meant to her what it did to him. For once in his life he wants to have mattered to someone, to her.

Devon is attracted to the muscular, tattooed, pierced hottie standing by the pub quiz machine. That is, until he punches a guy clean across the bar for daring to touch him. She’s had her fill of violent men and intends to avoid this one at all costs.
This is a standalone, new adult contemporary romance. Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Jem begins when little four year old Jem goes on vacation with the only person whose ever loved him, his Angel. 
The thing is though, she notices things that shouldn't be on a body, let a lone a four year old body, and tells her parents. From that day on life changes for both Jem and his Angel. 

Years later, they find each other again. But this time things are a lot different. For one, Jem's Angel is running from her past, with a whole lot of baggage along the way. And Jem is still fighting those same old demons. After lots of misunderstandings these two finally get together, but it may not be exactly how they thought it would be. 

This book just wasn't for me. I loved the idea of the story and plot line. But I just couldn't get into it. I really hated how insecure Jem was. And I really hated all of the misunderstandings in the beginning as well. And I didn't really care for the heroine either. I felt like she was a little bit mean to Jem, and judgmental, and sometimes really stupid. 

Other then that the book would have probably been pretty good. Except I had a hard time "feeling" what I was reading, and not just reading it. So again, this just wasn't for me.
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