Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Title: Her Last Resort
Author: Fiona McGier

She is ex-CIA, a hunted woman used to relying only on herself. He is ex-KGB with connections to those who can help her but she may not let him. She tries to salvage any kind of relationship with the adult her child has become.


Her Last Resort begins with Stella getting rid of the latest threat to her life. She's been out of the business for the past two years, yet someone wants her gone. When she gets the opportunity to take a vacation with her daughter she takes it, thinking she can hopefully hide out for the next few weeks without being ind anger. The problem with that is, it won't last. And along the way she ends up meeting a very hot Russian, who can't seem to stay away from her. These two have a lot more in common then they think. They slowly start a relationship, and try to figure out who is hunting her before it is too late! 

This book started out a little bit slow to me. I wasn't really sure where it was going, or what was really going on. But once it got more into it, the book became awesome! I really really enjoyed it. I loved the relationship building between Stella and her daughter. And I really loved the romance between Stella and Ivan! It was all beautiful, along with the very interesting story line, made a very good book! I'm so glad I was lucky enough to get an arc copy of this one! 
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