Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Title: Pride to Pack
Series: Mount Roxby #1
Author: Aimie Jennison

Rosabel McGuiness, orphaned Werewolf, has finally decided to leave the Werelion Pride she’s been living with for the last eighteen years. She’s been challenged to one duel too many. It’s time to find a pack to call home.

Theodore Wilson, Alpha of the Mount Roxby Pack, has never cared about finding his Mate. He swore off women when his Wife, a human who knew nothing about what he was, cheated on him. But now a new wolf has walked into town, and stirred up feelings he never imagined he would feel.

Mount Roxby has a plethora of supernatural beings, unbeknownst to the humans that live there. After a series of mysterious disappearances, and fatal attacks on both Werewolves and Vampires alike, Rosabel decides something needs to be done. But can she persuade the Pack Alpha and Vampire King, to put old prejudices behind them long enough to work together, and solve these attacks? Or will one bite too many cause a war?

This story begins when Rosabel decides to leave the Pride she's lived with for most of her life. She's tired of being the only wolf among them, and tired of fighting for her life everyday. Something brings her to Mount Roxby, and on her first night there meeting the Pack Alpha things start to change for. After meeting Theo, and feeling things she's never felt before, she must soon help them prevent a war between werewolves and vampires before it is all too late! 

This book was okay. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't really great either. I liked the relationship between Theo and Rosabel! I also loved that she was very brave, and not afraid of things. What I didn't like was her stupidity sometimes, especially when it came to dating certain men.. Anyways, other then that it was a quick interesting read to pass the time with! 

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