Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Title: Finding Lacey Moon
Series: Hope Falls #1
Author: Donya Lynne

Champion snowboarder, Lacey Moon, is in the middle of an identity crisis. She’s lost her love of the sport, could care less about winning another gold medal, and has no idea who she is anymore. After a devastating fall during the Olympics, she tumbles into depression. Desperate to find a way out of the vicious, draining cycle of her life, she latches on to a crazy idea that gives her the first glimpse of hope she’s felt in over a year. Concealing her identity, she flees the familiarity of home, striking out on a journey with no destination in mind. The open road and her gut are her only maps, and her intuition tells her she’ll know she’s where she needs to be once she gets there. 

Scott McCord runs McCord Cabin Rentals with his brother in Hope Falls, Idaho. In high school, Scott was destined for greatness as a wide receiver, earning a football scholarship and early recognition for ultimate success in the pros. But one act of deception changed everything, and Scott’s life hasn’t been the same since. Now, his world is centered on his daughter, and he’s abandoned hope of ever finding a woman to share his life with. 

When Lacey arrives in Hope Falls, she knows she’s found her destination. The small town feels like home. It isn’t long before her and Scott’s paths cross, and when their eyes meet, fireworks fly. For the first time in ten years, Scott can see himself falling in love again. And the more time Lacey spends with the Scott, the more she realizes he is her future. There’s just one problem. Lacey hasn’t told Scott her true identity. When the truth comes out, she could lose everything she hoped to find in Hope Falls. 

Finding Lacey Moon begins with Lacey having a horrible accident while in the Olympics. Afterwards, she realizes that maybe she isn't exactly doing what makes her happy anymore, that something is missing. So, she sets out on a course to find herself, and find what makes her happy. It ends up taking her to Hope Falls, where the first day there she ends up seeing the hottest man ever. From that moment on her life changed. She just doesn't know it yet. And for Scott, whose life has been anything but easy, isn't so sure about trusting the new arrival, but he can't keep away from her. They must learn to trust each other before it is all too late. 

This book was a pleasant surprise. It was a really fast paced short story, with lots of intriguing characters, and a very interesting plot line. I thought over all the book was very good! I also loved the relationship between Scott, and Lacey. And it just got better as the book went on. I look forward to reading more in this series now! 
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