Thursday, February 12, 2015

Title: Fighting
Author: Cat Phoenix

Alex is an independent twenty one year old college drop out and reformed thief when she meets Brooks. He wants her to join his team of thieves who fight to avenge the innocent, the wronged. Skeptical, she thinks he's cracked and needs to be taken back to the mental facility he'd broken out of.

Eventually, just for kicks and giggles, she lets Brooks convince her to take a chance on him. Her world is flipped upside down as she identifies with and comes to care for her new crew, except for the one man she loathes: Ethan. God, what an arrogant bastard. As Alex changes, so do her feelings for Ethan. Alex fights more than just her attraction to Ethan as they are bound together in a fight to survive.

When Alex and her crew's lives are endangered, will she run away or stand up and fight?

WARNING: Contains graphic sexual scenes, violence, and crude language. Recommended ages +16.

This story begins when Alex meets a very strange man who is watching her. She's a reformed thief, and is living bored with her life. Until this strange man offers her a job she can't refuse. Now, living in a whole new world, with way different people she's just trying to get it all together. But the instant she meets Ethan again things change. She can't stand him at first, but after a while she starts to get to know more about him, and ends up really liking him. But the whole crew has some problems going on, and these two must work together to help figure them out before it is all too late. 

Fighting was a very good book. I really enjoyed the whole plot line, and all of the characters. But the thing that really made the book super enjoyable was the romance and relationship between Alex and Ethan! Those two together were freaking awesome! Ethan is a major "alpha male" and Alex was super snarky, and funny! I totally loved them together, and not only was their relationship awesome, they could totally kick butt as a team as well. 
I hope we get to see more of these two in a future book, because that would just be epic! 
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