Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Title: Faster
Series: The University of Gatica #2
Author: Lexy Timms

Hurdler, Aileen Nessa surprised the university track and field world by signing with a small Division One NCAA university. Talented on the track and in the class room, she is headed to the University of Gatica. No one knows that the main reason she signed with the school is because of a top defensive back football player. 

Away from her small Ohio hometown, she steps into a university town dedicated to sports and success. Trying to adjust to school life as a varsity athlete she learns there are perks and challenges because of her status. 

Tyler Jensen, the boy she desperately wants to catch the attention of, seems to have forgotten all about what happened on Aileen’s recruiting trip last February. Devastated she throws her frustration into the only thing she knows – track. 

Will pushing everything to the limit create the fulfillment she so desperately wants, or will everything come crashing down before she reaches the first hurdle? 

* This is NOT erotica* It is a new adult & college sport romance. 

Faster begins with Aileen going to College. She picked the school no one thought she would, and she did it over a boy she met who she hadn't spoken to in months. She wasn't at all sure how things would go when she saw him again, but she couldn't seem to get away from him. But when things aren't looking so great she goes heavy into her track schedule, and school work. But what if not everything is as it seems?

This one wasn't really that great in my opinion. I sort of hated the way it ended. And I felt like the next book isn't even about these two main characters, and this one leaves us with lots and lots of questions, and frustration. I also felt like there wasn't a whole lot substance, but the story had a whole lot of potential. And overall I did like the characters and the idea of the story, but it just didn't do it for me.
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