Thursday, February 26, 2015

Title: Darkness Shatters
Series: The Sensor #5
Author: Susan Illene

Winter has come to Alaska and it’s about to be joined by death.

Since moving to Fairbanks, Melena Sanders has watched too many of her friends die because she couldn’t react fast enough. When a mysterious illness comes along targeting only supernatural races she’s determined to stop it. But as the death toll climbs she realizes finding a cure is more complicated than she thought. Melena might have to give in to plans to reveal the existence of supernaturals to the human world—as it may be the only way to save them.

Darkness Shatters begins when Melena and her friends learn about a strange sickness targeting paranormals. They know someone is behind it, but aren't sure who, and can not seem to figure out what the cure is either. All of this is happening along with Melena keeping secrets from Lucas that she didn't want to keep. Everything is coming to a head in this book, with lots of drama and more. 

I really really liked this one! I loved how everything played out, and I cried in the end! Now I can not wait for the next one. This one had an awesome story line, I was hooked right from the start. And I loved seeing all of the characters, and getting to see more of Lucas' point of view as well. This book was super awesome, and a great addition to this series! 
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