Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hey Everyone! 

I'm proud to announce on behalf of the Zharmae Publishing Press, we are going to be hosting a blog tour! 

The tour dates are from 2/21/2015-2/28/2015!

For Ilmarinen by Marilla Mulwane!

Be sure to sign up below, you can do a review, promo post, or even host a giveaway! Or all of the above! 

Title: Ilmarinen
Author: Marilla Mulwane
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy! 

Altana Burrows has always been special.

She’s smart, talented, and quick to learn. She also has a secret, and whenever she tries to tell anyone about it—her friends, her family, the school psychiatrist—they accuse her of letting her imagination run away with her. They don’t believe her. They don’t understand.
They don’t know about Ilmarinen.

They don’t know about the prophecy, or the role Altana will play in it. But the people of Ilmarinen know, and they will help her: a young hunter with a dangerous secret; a talking horse who loves to play; a little girl with a big axe; a beautiful woman in a red dress. Eventually, they will all play a part in Altana’s story, and the fate of a world will rest in their hands.

That is, if they can figure out how to kill a god.

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