Thursday, January 29, 2015

Title: Deadly Intentions
Series: Hardy Brothers Security #1
Author: Lily Harper Hart

Are second chances worth the risk? 
Is a childhood crush something that can ever be fully realized? 
James Hardy has everything he has ever wanted in life. Almost. After years spent in the military, he has opened his own security business and employed both of his younger brothers in a world he not only embraces, but enjoys. He likes the adventure. He likes the excitement. He certainly isn't looking for anything more -- until she walks through his door and changes everything. 
Mandy Avery has harbored a crush on James Hardy for as long as she can remember -- and her memory stretches far. She goes to the Hardy brothers out of necessity, but as soon as she sees James she realizes that old feelings aren't so easily shoved to the side. 
James wants to keep her safe. No, he needs to keep her safe -- even though he isn't exactly sure why. Someone is trying to hurt her, and that's not something he can tolerate. She's grown into the type of woman he's drawn to, though, despite his own rule that dating clients is forbidden. 
Mandy wants to find out who is threatening her, but being around James is more than she can bear. Something in her very being is propelling her into his arms -- even though she knows her heart is at risk with every kiss. 
James eventually gives in -- and immediately regrets his rash actions. Unfortunately for him, it's too late. He's not willing to give her up -- and he's more than ready to die for her if that's what it takes to keep her safe. 
She's unsure of their future, but Mandy can't fight his pull. She's lost -- even before he's ready for her to find him. 
When things come to head, will James be able to save the only woman he's ever really cared about? And will Mandy have enough faith to believe that what he's offering is real?

Deadly Intentions begins when Mandy runs into her old best friend from a child. She tells her she needs some help because she thinks she is in danger. So, her friend tells her to go to her brothers' security firm.  When she was young Mandy had a crush on her friend's brother James. But he was older then her, and didn't see her that way. Now, though she's not a little girl, and James isn't at all sure what he should do with that. While he's trying to help, he's also trying to figure out what he feels for her, and he can't seem to stay away from her either. 

This story was okay. It was a pretty interesting fast paced read. I felt it was good till you got toward the end, then it got a little bit boring. Other then that the plot was interesting, and the characters were all very interesting as well. Even when they made a few stupid choices, it still turned out fairly well. I really did enjoy it. 
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