Saturday, January 3, 2015

Title: Arcane Solutions
Series: Discord Jones #1
Author: G.L. Drummond

Rescuing under-aged vamp bait and retrieving stolen possessions is all in a day’s work for Discord Jones. 

When a gorgeous, lying bastard of an elf hires her to find an ancient book, danger takes on a whole new meaning. The book holds an unbelievably powerful spell, and ‘favored prey of demons’ becomes an unwelcome addition to her resume.

This story begins when Discord Jones gets a wolf shifter body guard to help on her cases now. She doesn't really think she needs it, but her boss said it's a must. So, not only is she ending up with Nick, the shifter, she also has to deal with this new case that may or may not involve a lying Elf, and demons. Cordi is going to have to work hard to figure this one out before all the bad guys win. 

This book was pretty interesting. What really threw it off for me though was the fact that one, Cordi got attacked so many times in this story it was unreal and annoying. Then the whole Nick and Cordi relationship. I was surprised she just jumped in with him. I don't like him at all, and felt she should be with someone else. I hope that happens later on in the story though. Other then that I really did like the plot, and all of the characters. And Cordi is hilarious, and goofy! I do look forward to reading more in this series now. 
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