Thursday, January 29, 2015

He's the perfect catch...for now! 

When it comes to romance, Tracy Hayden is not looking for a rematch. She's had epic 

passion—and problems!—with professional hockey player Ike Jelinek. Brilliant on skates and 

magic in bed, his too-traditional-for-her views were like a bucket of ice water on their affair. 

Then an injury takes Ike out of the game, and everything changes. Suddenly he needs her 

services-providing business—even though he once claimed it was their biggest problem. Tracy's 

determined to be professional, despite the sizzling attraction between them that won't go away. 

Maybe they need a second fling to fix that!

“What’s wrong with me?” Tracy muttered as she spooned food into two cat bowls.

Moppet, the more sociable of her black cats, re¬plied with a meow.

Poppet licked a white-tipped paw and washed one of her pricked ears.

“It’s crazy,” Tracy continued. “I can handle any other man, except Ike bloody Jelinek. Whenever 

I’m near him, he winds me up and I do something stupid.”

With impeccable timing, Moppet hacked up a hairball.

Tracy laughed as she cleaned up the mess. “Maybe tossing coffee on him was a tiny 

overreac¬tion.” She held up her thumb and forefinger to show a small gap. “But it annoys me 

that there’s one rule for his career and one for mine.”

Despite Tracy’s determination to marry someone completely different from her father, she’d 

ended up with his twin—only with a more polished veneer. She’d left home at eighteen and 

headed to Man¬chester, where she’d waitressed by day and studied business by night. Hank 

Turner, a visiting academic from New Jersey, had been one of her lecturers. She’d fallen hard 

for the charming American, mar¬rying him within weeks. It had taken much longer to realize her 


At first, Tracy had overlooked the warning signs, attributing them to the difficulties of adjusting 

to life in New Jersey. It had taken Hank’s affair to rip the blinkers from her eyes. To Tracy’s 

chagrin, she realized she’d become exactly the kind of acquies¬cent wife she despised.

Poppet head-butted Tracy’s ankle, reminding her to hurry up with her food.

Tracy put the bowls down and the two felines dived right in. “Why do I still let Ike get to me? 

Why can’t I ignore him?”

Because he was a hard man to ignore. His pres¬ence, even when he wasn’t speaking to her, 

sent that delicious hum through her. The problem was he always did something to turn that hum 

into a jarring buzz.

When they’d first met, his charm had swept her off her feet. His gentlemanly manners and 

serious nature were rare in a business full of inflated egos. And their physical connection had 

sizzled. A touch, a look, a smile and they’d been all over each other like sex-starved teenagers. 

Ike had treated her as if she were special, both in bed and out. It was only later that his 

courtliness had begun to feel control¬ling. Caring suggestions had become polite de¬mands. 

Compliments about her work had sounded more like criticism.

When Ike had asked her to give up her house and move in with him, she’d panicked. First her 

house, then her business, then her self-respect. Terrified that history would repeat itself, she’d 

refused. That final argument had been brutal; the bitter words they’d each said were still a thorn 

in her heart.

Harlequin SuperRomance author, Anna Sugden, loves reading and writing happy endings as much as hockey! When not reading or watching hockey, she loves football, good food & wine, making simple cross-stitch projects, and collecting memorabilia, penguins and fab shoes!

A former marketing executive and primary teacher, Anna lives in Cambridge, England, 
with her husband and two bossy black cats. Learn more about Anna, her heart-warming 
romances and her shoes at . You can also follow her on 

Facebook (, Twitter (

annasugden) Pinterest ( and on the Romance Bandits blog 


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