Thursday, December 11, 2014

Title: Lucky Stars
Series: Ghosts and Reincarnation #5
Author: Kristen Ashley

Belle Abbot is pathologically shy and because of this, she’s living a nightmare due to the fact that she’s also a national treasure hounded by the media. James Bennett is known the world over as the perfect catch, handsome, wealthy and the owner of an intimidating castle on a Cornish Cliff, Chy An Als Point.

Belle and James meet and in one night, they fall in love. The problem is, Belle’s dating James’s brother.

As quickly as they fall together, Belle and James are torn apart. Not long after, circumstances throw them back into each other’s lives and they find they were right that first romantic night, they were meant to be.

Even if their families want them together, James’s brother Miles does not. Dogged by a rabid media who are fascinated by their love triangle, as well as Belle’s hidden demons, James and Belle find they have yet another problem to solve. The Point is haunted by the ghosts of two children murdered in the castle. Their murderer will stop at nothing to keep their souls tethered to The Point instead of letting them live eternity with their mother and father.

Belle is determined to find her courage and help them and she enlists her loopy mother, loopier grandmother, James’s even loopier ex-girlfriend and the dubious (but talented) team of rock ‘n’ roll witch Cassandra McNabb and Scottish ghost hunter extraordinaire Angus McPherson to help the children find their way back home.

Lucky Stars begins when Belle goes to a party with the man she's been seeing for the past month. The party it at his family's home where his mother and brother are there. The thing is Belle knows that things with Miles aren't going well. And upon meeting his brother Jack, she instantly knows that she must end things with Miles. And for Jack, when he met Belle he instantly knew he had to have her. These two start of hot, then when things get hard others try to tear them apart. Add in some crazy family members, ghosts, and legends and these two have a whole lot of crazy in store for them. 

This book was very interesting, and unique. I liked it a lot. But I did get a little frustrated with the way the bad guy was portrayed. Because they made Belle and Jack seem like new people all their own, but then the bad guy was seemed more of a ghost in a way. I didn't like that. It bugged me a whole heck of a lot. Other then that though I really did like the book. And the characters were really likable as well. There was only one other thing that bugged me, and that was at times it felt a little boring. But again I still liked it.
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