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Molly Harper is a movie star who fans think ‘has it all’. Cruz Morales is Molly’s true love, and he hates the media intrusions into their life. Molly and Cruz are going to have a baby. And throw a secret wedding for her brother Harry. What could go wrong? Read DECEMBER WEDDING, 
the sequel to DUETS and MOLLY HARPER, and find out if there really is a happy ever after for Molly and Cruz.

Author Interview:
1. Where does you inspiration come from? 
Every where, every thing, every word a family member or friend says. HA! Authors are 
the great thieves of the world...but we do make up a lot of stuff, twist what we hear into 
what serves our stories. I love people watching just for that be careful what 
you say around a writer, everyone!

2. Would you ever want to change genre's and if so what would you like to experiment with?
I have an idea for a fantasy in the future. But I’m pretty solid with my “ordinary women in 
extraordinary” women’s fiction/romance blended genre niche right now. But who knows. 
Oh, and I have a noir mystery (set in 1950 LA that has a...wait for written. 
It will be published. When and how, not there yet.

3. Are your characters/ideas drawn from people that you know personally in any way?
See answer #1. Yes. Absolutely. But not exactly as they are...always refine, add to and 
amplify. My book DATING CARY GRANT was inspired by a very dear friend. She did 
not recognize herself AT HA! Maybe people never see themselves as others 

4. Where would you like to be in 10 years with life or career?
Writing. I have absolutely no idea what publishing will look like in 10 years...all eBook? 
All streaming stories you subscribe to? Niche books? Oral storytelling via words coming 
directly into our heads? Yikes. As for my life in 10 years...hoping to be blessed with 
healthy, happy family as I am now. That’s all that really matters in the end. 

5. What book or books are you reading now?
I’m reading some nonfiction, some Sue Grafton, rereading F. Scott Fitzgerald, and 
doing some medieval romance reading. 

6. What do you do with your free-time when you are not writing or brain-storming?
I have no free time. HA! But not really kidding. With a day job, a family, a house, 
marketing for my indy and SoulMate Publishing books, the only down time I have is 
spent with hubby and watching guilty pleasure are those Property Brothers! 

7. What is your fondest memory from childhood that left an impact on your life?
Fondest might be a stretch. Clearest is I was about four, riding a bus with my then 
single mother, staring out the window. We came to a stop and I saw a pretty blonde 
woman in a green shirtwaist dress carrying a valise type suitcase. She looked upset. 

I thought two things...that she was leaving to go somewhere new, and that I would remember her for the rest of my life, even though I would never see her again.
I think I became a writer that day. I realized that every memory you have is important, 
and that you often influence other people around you in magical ways you never know about.

And yes, more than fifty years later, I can clearly see her in my mind’s eye. I hope she had a happy life. 

Thank you for hosting me today! I hope I hear from your readers...tell me what your most important memory from childhood is. But beware, I’ll probably steal it and use it in a book!

Emelle Gamble became a writer at an early age. As ‘M.L. Gamble,’ she 
published several romantic suspense novels with Harlequin Intrigue. She is now self-publishing and also working with Soul Mate Publishing who have released two romantic women’s fiction novels, Secret Sister, in July of 2013, and Dating Cary Grant, an April 2014 release.

Always intrigued by the words ‘what if’, Gamble’s books feature an ordinary woman confronted with an extraordinary situation. Emelle celebrates the adventurous spirit of readers, and hopes each will enjoy the exciting and surprising journeys her characters take. 

Emelle welcomes any reader interested in emailing her at and 
hopes they will visit her website, , her FaceBook page: https:// or follow her on Twitter @EmelleGamble.

Emelle will be awarding a $20 Amazon GC plus a digital copy of December Wedding to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during this tour and the Review Tour, here.
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