Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Welcome to the TIJAN blog hop! I'm excited to share a little excerpt created by the one and only TIJAN! 

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Mason silenced them and turned back to the new group. As he watched, the newcomer was dressed similar to the other two warriors, but her leather outfit was all blue. She hissed, “We have important matters to handle. Jacith is approaching with his army—”
Suddenly, the college student girl snapped. Her eyes had been dark brown, but they flashed a blinding white. As they did, the rest around the table started murmuring, confusion and fear started to mount around the room. Then they realized their plates and silverware were rising in the air too. People grabbed for their things, then a few screamed.
The entire table was in the air. Everyone’s chair rose.
The higher everyone was lifted in the air, the college student’s skin was growing translucent. Red lines appeared in her skin, almost like veins, but they rose sharply over her body and would disappear in the next instant, only to appear again.
“Yeah.” Logan leaned over. “That chick’s not human. You’re right, Mase.”
Mason gave his brother a dumbfounded look, but shook his head. He reached for Sam, making sure she didn’t fly away.
The girl who was causing everything to float addressed the woman in front of her. She spoke in a deep voice, one that sounded powerful and ancient, like a separate entity of its own, “I told you and Sireenia gave me approval, not that I need it. We have to be here. This is important and then we’ll go right back. You think I enjoy being held captive by Roane’s psychotic twin brother?”
The male warrior frowned, but didn’t say anything.
I don’t. This is my vacation and I’m taking it, then we’ll go right back and fight to save the world.”
A ripple effect started at Saren’s feet, the woman in blue leather. It started at her feet, and moved in a circular motion upwards over her body. As people watched, her feet started to disappear into thin air. She was there, then not there, but it wasn’t quick. She continued to stare at Davina, both locked in a heated gaze, as her body disappeared inch by inch. Her toes. Her ankles. Her calves. Her knees. Her waist. Then it started around her hands, her elbows, her shoulders, before her head disappeared, she looked back at the table. Her eyes had been red before, but a literal flame was in them now.
The air smelled like smoke and right before she completely vanished, she said, “Please hurry. Jacith is coming.”
Then, poof! She was gone.
The college girl’s eyes returned back to normal and she looked like a normal college student once more. No flashing white eyes. Everyone was slowly lowered back to the ground. The table fell with them. Almost all the plates and silverware moved back to their original location.
A fork landed in someone’s hair while a knife landed, facing down. It splintered into the wood, like someone had slammed it there on purpose. The girl who sat there, where the knife had landed before her, exclaimed, “Why is it always me?”

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