Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Title: He Kissed Me First
Series: Kiss & Make Up #2
Author: Sara H Ney

“Trust me – if there’s one thing I’m not attracted to, it’s an arrogant, rude, a-hole athlete. I know what I want, and Matthew Wakefield isn’t it….” – Cecelia Carter 

From the moment they lay eyes on each other, all Cecelia Carter and Matthew Wakefield do is bicker and fight. She can’t stand the sight of him and, well, he could never resist a challenge. 

That combination can't be good, can it? 
But sometimes, love happens when you least expect it…. 

This one begins with Cecelia going back to school, and meeting her new roommate. The problem is she didn't expect to meet her roommate's brother too, and Matthew Wakefield is a major jerk, hot, but a jerk none the less. But after that one meeting of hatred, these two some how seem to find each other again, and again and again. They continue getting to know each other, until their hate turns to something else all together. These two have a whole to deal with, and trying to get to know each other and form a relationship seems almost impossible with so many issues in the way. 

This book was hilarious, and extremely entertaining. I laughed from the beginning till the end, unless I was screaming at Matthew wanting to strangle him for being such a dick! The characters were awesome(they had bad moments) but other then than they I loved all of the characters in the book! And the plot line kept me hooked right from the start! This was a fun easy read, and I very much enjoyed it and look forward to more in this series. 

Now, the only downside was indeed Matthews a-holeness. I got a little too frustrated with him at times, but then again Cece did a few things that bothered me too. But in the end I really loved the whole story, and couldn't wait for more. 
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