Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Title: Shadowing Me
Series: Breakneck #3
Author: Crystal Spears

Welcome back to the world of Breakneck where Pyro continues to mourn the loss of Lana, ZZ’s twins drive him crazy, and the whole MC prepares for the birth of Braxxon and Winter’s child. Things are quiet and calm… Or so it seems. 

Shadow’s secrets are slowly being revealed, leaving him powerless to stop the resulting havoc. With Tatiana hot on his trail every time he turns around, the tables have turned, and now, she has become his Shadow. 
As Winter and Braxxon begin a hostile takeover of the BDSM club owned by Shadow’s best friend, the unthinkable happens, and the result is the worst bloodshed in Breakneck history. The torture, violence, and death caused by the carnage will have the entire MC reeling from the loss. 

When Shadow finally decides to stop denying his feelings for Tatiana, he discovers it may be too late. The Breakneck family loss is far too great for Tatiana to think about her own feelings for the one man who has constantly resisted her. 

Causing further drama for the Breakneck crew, the Russians step back into the picture. Whether they are friend or foe remains to be seen. And when Winter gets an unexpected visitor, it throws Tatiana in a fit of rage and rebellion. 

Welcome back to the real world of Breakneck… where bloodshed and mayhem are to be expected. 

For Mature Readers Only. 18+ 

This story begins with ZZ's daughter doing her best to get over Shadow. She seems to have given up on him and keeps staying away from him. The problem is, Shadow doesn't want that but he doesn't want to man up and be with her either. Not only do these two have issues going on, but there is more going on in the life of Breakneck that no one really understood until it was too late. 

Shadowing Me was filled with a whole lot of drama! Not just drama, but crazy ass drama. I couldn't believe half of the shi* that happened in this book. It was so crazy! I'm just left feeling dumbfounded. Now, that doesn't mean that book wasn't interesting and enjoyable because it was. But it was also filled with a whole lot of pain and anguish and that was just so hard to read about, but again I really did like the book. 

What I didn't like however, was the way Shadow and Tatiana treated each other through out most of this book. I did read the note from the author at the end of the book, I totally understand it. But that doesn't mean I liked it. Because I did not. I felt they were both acting like children, even though Tatiana has grown up so much since the last book! I loved to see how she matured, and I do look forward to reading the next one, but that really bugged me in this one. 

And the other thing I didn't like was the end. It didn't exactly feel like a cliffhanger, but I guess technically that is what it was. It felt more to me like the story just dropped off. Like I'm reading it one minuet, and the next BOOM it's over. However, I am excited to read the next book, and the next one after that as well! 
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