Thursday, November 13, 2014

Title: The Girl from I.T.
Author: Mojofiction

Alice Morgan has a problem. When something good happens she never fails to talk her way out of it. She can't help it; she just likes to talk. Ask anyone in the long line of her previous boyfriends and employers. Then, when she thinks things are finally looking up, she discovers she has breast cancer. Of course, as could only happen to Alice, immediately after finding out, she's offered a new job where meets a man she thinks might be the one. Should she tell him about it? Or just call in sick a lot? Unfortunately, it looks like things might get a little complicated...

The Girl from I.T. is a romantic comedy exploring human resolve in the face of adversity -- the hope we all have that if you fight hard enough, something wonderful will happen. But, somehow, it's always in a completely unexpected way.

The Girl from I.T. begins when Alice is trying to get a new job. This is just another one in a long line of jobs that she seems to get fired from. She can't exactly help herself, but she tries. Alice is a whole lot different then most people, and when she finds out she has cancer her whole life gets turned upside down. But hopefully with the help of family and friends, she may be able to get past all of her differences and illness to just enjoy her life for once. 

This story was hilarious, and beautiful! I loved the relationship between Alice and all of her friends and family. And I loved Anthony and Alice together! The only downside to the story was I wish I could have felt more emotion from the characters, not just Alice. I get why we didn't see too much from her, but I was hoping we could get a little more from the rest of them. 

Other than that this story has romance, and deals with a unique woman who has breast cancer. It was very inspiring, and I loved it! I look forward to more stories like this from this author! 
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