Friday, October 17, 2014

Title: The Science of Loving
Author: Candace Vianna

She’s a geeky scientist obsessed with muscles. She even has a muscle car. He’s the bad boy rock star of the architectural world, perfectly content with his bachelor status, but his tattoo artist sister has other ideas, and when she decides to play matchmaker, sparks fly. 

Him… Danny was in love. Again. So, she thought everyone else, meaning me, should be, too. What she didn’t appreciate was that I was already living my dream: no drama, no mess. My life was just the way I wanted it; orderly. I liked my shit organized. I lived alone just so I could have things my way. If I wanted company, I’d go to the corner bar. 

Her… I hated parties. I was shy and crowds always left me slightly off balance and inevitably, I drew the attention of creepiest, most annoying guy there. Once caught, I could never shake them. By the end of the night I’d be nauseous, my head hurt, and I was a nervous wreck. But Danny wouldn’t take no for an answer, or as she put it, giving me her best death stare. “You might as well give in gracefully chica, because I’m not to be denied.” 

I gave in gracefully. And now some creep had me backed up as far as I could go without falling into the bushes. I never knew what to do when creeps like this cornered me, so I froze, unable to move, breathe or think. I cringed as he brushed a nonexistent hair from my cheek. Ew… 

“Excuse me, I know you’re not macking on my girl.” 

Holy Shit. That was the scariest man I’d ever seen. He was huge. He was bald. He was tattooed. He was a painted Aztec god; all he needed was some gold jewelry and a bloody alter. 

This is a funny, laugh out loud, contemporary romance about a science geek and a sweet guy with big feet. It contains some not so sweet language a few sexy love scenes (the hot, sweaty kind that will make you want to take up smoking.) If you're bothered by graphic sex and profanity, this may not be your cup of tea--just saying. But if you want a light romance that will (hopefully) make you laugh, this could be your new guilty pleasure. 

The nerdy science genius Angie gets invited to her friends party to meet her friends brother. Danny's brother is not at all what Angie thought he would be. At first she's afraid of him because he's a tall tattooed god, but then she and Mat seem to hit it off even though Angie isn't sure at all she can keep his interest things seem to move quickly for them. But with lots of people out to hurt them and get in between them they have a lot to work through before coming out on top! 

The Science of Loving was a hilarious good read with lots of drama, and a nerdy heroine with insecurities and an alpha male who wasn't just an alpha male but also funny and slightly immature at times. They really balanced each other out, and made the book very enjoyable! Also the side characters like Angie's friend, and Mat's sister were equally hilarious and brought a lot of laughs to the book. 

The only thing that bothered me at times was how Angie seemed to cry quite often! It was a tad bit annoying after a while. But really that was the only thing that got on my nerves. The rest of the book was good, and I really enjoyed it! 

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