Monday, October 20, 2014

Title: Curran Vol. 2: Fathers and Sons
Author: Gordan & Ilona Andrews

The second volume of Curran POV takes place after the events of MAGIC BLEEDS. 

Infuriated by Kate’s treatment at the hands of the Pack, the Beast Lord demands an explanation. When words fail, claws and fangs must do the talking.

This short story was about how Curran feels when he wakes up and realizes that Kate has been challenge several times by his pack. We even get to see him and his oldest friend fight because of it. 

I really enjoy getting to see Curran's thoughts and actions in a different way. It's really excited. I do however wish this could have been more of an actually story then just that scene from his point of view, but it was still okay and interesting to read. 
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